A Graphic Novel by Rod Shelley

Welcome to the Girls From T.N.A. Website! I started this story in late 2009 on Renderosity as a fun way to learn how to use Poser (version 8) which I had recently downloaded. My original intent was to have a short story of 3 chapters with 10 pages for each chapter. After the first 10 pages, the story took it's own path, and pretty much directed me instead of the other way around! Seriously, the more ideas I came up with, the more I realized there was a lot of story to tell. In addition, its popularity on Renderosity continued to grow. And besides, it was just a heck of a lot of fun to create. So here we are almost 10 years later, and still going strong. The Girls' fans span the globe, and thier world has become much wider than they (or I) ever expectd. There have been - and continue to be - collaborations with other artists that has given the story some amazing new realms to explore. Join us, and enjoy the ride. Just be sure to fasten your seat belts!

There will also be short "mini adventures" of 1 - 5 pages in length. We'll also have new artwork, posters, and wallpapers as well. Be sure to drop by our Twitter and Facebook pages! Be sure to check out our NEW page on Behance for a behind-the-scenes look at the process of creating the story. And if you enjoy our adventures, we'd love to have you join us on Patreon, or grab yourself some cool merch. Your support will keep the story going for a long time! Thanks for dropping by!

A short backstory about the Breitlenger Jar: can be seen here!

Here you will find short featurettes from 1 - 5 pages in length, along with an introduction to the Girls From T.N.A.

Artwork featuring the Girls, thier friends and other cast members.