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I have a large stock of insulators I'm making available to add to your collection, or to start one. The insulators I'll be selling will all be in good to excellent condition, with full descriptions of any wear or minor chips.

I have both glass and ceramic signal and power insulators available. I will be continually adding more insulators to this list, so be sure to stop by often.

I can safely fit up to 4 CD152 sized insulators (Hemingray 42s, 40s, etc), or up to 6 "pony" style signals into a USPS Priority Flat Rate box to save on shipping costs. You may choose shipping options during check out. Each insulator is individually listed, so be sure to leave the item amount "1" in the shopping cart for each insulator you choose.

Payments are made through PayPal. Use the shopping cart button to add your choices, then simply check out when you're done. You may pay with your credit or debit card even if you don't have a PayPal account. Your statement will reflect "RODSLAIR" as the merchant name. For other payment options, please contact me via the e-mail link below.

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This is a nice little beehive, CD145. H.G. CO embossing on skirt, H embossing on top. Has some mold ripples, and a number of small bubbles. Some normal wear on bottom of skirt. Shipping wt. 2 pounds. $3.50
Hemingray # 40 with some mold marks and small bubbles. Lower part of wire groove has small chip from normal wear. Wt. 2 pounds $ 2.00
Whitall Tatum # 1 in perfect condition. Has a very slight straw tint. WT. 2.5 pounds $ 3.00
A nice little ceramic signal with lots of neat color variations and patterns. WT. 1 Pound. $ 1.00
A cool Hemingray beehive with a big glass bubble, and several other smaller bubbles. It's Bubbleicious! Has a few mold marks, large H.G. CO embossing on skirt, and "H" embossing on top. WT. 2 pounds. $ 4.00
This is a threadless Hemingray transposition insulator in clear glass. Originally designed to mount on a bracket containing 4 of these insulators. Perfect condition. WT. 1.5 Pounds $ 2.00
Here's a big Hemingray 43 cable-top in clear with a very slight straw tint. This was designed as a power distribution insulator, with the cable running through the saddle on top in addition to the normal wire groove. Excellent condition! WT. 2.5 Pounds. $ 3.50
Here's a classic Hemingray 42 - this is what most people visualize when they think of insulators. This specimen has the sharp drip points on the bottom, unlike most 42s which have rounded drips. This has a couple drip points that has been chipped. Has Hemingray 42 embossed on the skirt, and a "1" embossed on top. Wt. 2.0 Pounds. $ 3.00
This is a nice little ceramic signal insulator. It has some nice speckles in the glazing with a little bit of normal wear. It's about 2-1/2 inches tall. Shipping wt. 1.0 pounds. $1.00
A cool little Ohio Brass ceramic saddle-top in perfect condition. Shipping wt. 1.0 pounds. $2.00
Hemingray #9 "pony" style insulator in good shape. Clean, has a few bubbles. It's about 3-1/2 inches tall. Shipping wt. 1.0 pounds. $1.00
A nice Hemingray "Beehive" style (CD145) insulator. A little unusual in that there is no "Hemingray" embossing on the skirt - just a short vertical line about 1/2 inch long on opposite sides. Has an "H" embossing on top. Shipping wt. 2.0 pounds. $3.00

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